5 burners each with a different approach and set of components. Intended to contrast in texture and feel, some heavy, surprisingly heavy while others delicate and fragile. Each piece borrows from previous projects in form and method, the material used informing the finishing process or lack thereof. Viewed as a set the intention is that of a group of specimens collected from varying environments and topologies. Designed to accompany Affix INCENSE 1 an incense cone with Cremate. On view at Très Bien London October 29 – November 7.


Tree – H 400 x W 240 x D 220mm / Powder coated Mild steel
Wood – H 260 x W 94 x D 94mm / Pine, Mild steel
Donut  – H 230 x W 76 x D 76mm / Lacquered Mild steel
Sphere – H 130 x W 150 x D 150mm / Mild steel
Beam – H 320 x W230 x D 180mm / Painted Mild steel
All Pieces Unique, October 2020