A sofa designed for my step son Nicholas, his only requests – It has to be comfy, Seat himself and two friends and he was to choose the fabric (to match his green velvet Vans). From there I decided to keep all elements beyond the upholstery to a minimum, all that seemed to be needed was a simple frame to keep the cushions together. The frame consists of two U shapes and four angles bent from 3/4 inch ERW box section by my Dad on a machine he uses daily in his workshop. The frame requires no welding and little finishing, bolting together allowing for an easy to assemble and less labour intensive construction. The overall idea being to create an economical sofa that can be knocked down and reassembled multiple times with the hope that Nicholas can take it with wherever life takes him.

Powder Coated steel, Upholstery, Valchromat – January 2018